I Love My Website!!

Nakia at Bubbleshine Design really captured the essence of my work and conveyed it in my website. She is an extremely talented, creative, and detail oriented web designer! I loved working with Nakia. She was very patient and professional and took the time to explain the process, helping me with understanding different technical in's and out's and answering questions, which I had a lot of.

It was amazing how she created a website that reflected who I am as a Doula and what I do in the birthing world. I have had great positive feedback from my clients and potential clients about the website. They think it is beautiful, warm and welcoming and really portrays my caring and nurturing services that I provide.

Having a website for your business is a great marketing tool, but only if it is done well and reaches out and draws your audience in. Nakia did that for me. I am so impressed with my website and logo, she created that for me too! It has really been a game changer for me in the business world! I am very fortunate to have Nakia as my web designer. I will definitely be using her services with future projects!!

Thank you Nakia for all of your hard work!

Lynda Andros-ClayDoula and Massage Therapist

PROJECT TYPE: New Website // Custom Plan

LAUNCHED: February 2018

URL: https://fullcirclemobilemassage.com/

While collaborating with my good friend Lynda on her doula website, she decided that she also wanted to offer her skills as a licensed massage therapist with a mobile massage service.

Once she decided that this would be separate from her doula business, I naturally offered to build another website for this new endeavor.

Having been on the receiving end of Lynda’s massages, I can tell you from experience that she is amazing! Her naturally caring demeanor comes through in the way that she asks what your needs are, and tailors her massage to that.

The fact that she can bring her massage skills to the comfort of your home is an added bonus.

With this project, we decided to go in a simpler direction with a one-page website, meaning that, instead of opening in new pages, all of the content is on one page, and the menu links jump to the appropriate section. Since this was a custom format, I developed a custom plan to balance Lynda’s ideas for her site, as well as her budget.

To maintain brand cohesiveness, I brought the same colors, themes, design elements and logo from her doula website into this one.

Whenever possible, I like to use “real” photos, but due to the private nature of a massage service, I didn’t have any shots of Lynda actually performing one. So, I used mostly stock photos, but still tried to capture Lynda’s personality and the spirit in which she works.

My goal was to create an experience based in nature in order to represent Lynda’s love for being outdoors as well as the aroma of the high quality essential oils that she uses.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Lynda again on this second website. Working with entrepreneurs and small businesses is one of my passions, and the fact that I was able to help a friend was icing on the cake!

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