I Love My Website!!

Nakia at Bubbleshine Design really captured the essence of my work and conveyed it in my website. She is an extremely talented, creative, and detail oriented web designer! I loved working with Nakia. She was very patient and professional and took the time to explain the process, helping me with understanding different technical in's and out's and answering questions, which I had a lot of.

It was amazing how she created a website that reflected who I am as a Doula and what I do in the birthing world. I have had great positive feedback from my clients and potential clients about the website. They think it is beautiful, warm and welcoming and really portrays my caring and nurturing services that I provide.

Having a website for your business is a great marketing tool, but only if it is done well and reaches out and draws your audience in. Nakia did that for me. I am so impressed with my website and logo, she created that for me too! It has really been a game changer for me in the business world! I am very fortunate to have Nakia as my web designer. I will definitely be using her services with future projects!!

Thank you Nakia for all of your hard work!

Lynda Andros-ClayDoula and Massage Therapist

PROJECT TYPE: New Website // BubblePack #2

LAUNCHED: December 2017

URL: https://fullcircledoula.care/

Lynda Andros-Clay is a dear friend of mine, so obviously I wasn’t going to let her work with anyone else on her website! I was so excited for her to start her own business as a doula that I even offered to help her create a custom logo, in addition to the website.

It was during these conversations about her logo that I really got a feel for what Full Circle Doula Care was really all about, and became super passionate about the service itself, and not just the wonderfully kind and generous person providing it.

Lynda is all about nature, the natural beauty of the world around us, and I wanted that to shine through. She had some great photos of her outdoor adventures that we were able to use, and I was thrilled to be able to capture one of those myself during a trip along the Beartooth Highway.

I’ll be honest, green and orange are probably my two least favorite colors, so when Lynda gave me her color palette, I was a bit hesitant. Ha! But the more I worked with them, the more I came to appreciate just how *Lynda* they were. The combination of earthy warmth, gentle brightness, and a soft vibrancy.

Lynda’s passion for caregiving is obvious in person, and I wanted that to translate into the website as much as possible. I was grateful to have photos of her holding babies that she has worked with, but I think where this passion comes through the most is in the testimonials of her clients.

And that is true for any business – the words of your customers are more powerful than any photo or blog you post. Any time you can get positive public reviews on your service or products, it’s only going to help you. So, don’t be afraid to ask!

When it comes to the human experience, sometimes it can be expressed more deeply in a slightly blurry iPhone photo than with a professional shot of the highest resolution. It was awesome to receive so many wonderful photos from Lynda’s clients, because doula work is deeply personal, and that type of connection can be difficult to convey with stock photography.

Overall, this was a project of love, not just because I love Lynda, but I also have a new love for what she does. I’m delighted to be just a small part of the magic that she is working in the world.

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