Nakia at Bubbleshine Design redesigned my web site to a new fresh look that is easily navigable. I've gotten several compliments from clients and my monthly Google report shows the number of hits has increased. Couldn't be happier and I don't hesitate to recommend her services.
Dan Geiger, MSHypnotherapist

PROJECT TYPE: Website Redesign // Custom Plan

LAUNCHED: April 2018


When my friend Dan’s web hosting service unexpectedly closed down their business, he needed a fast solution to keep his site up and running. I was more than happy to help him out!

Due to the quick nature of the project, we worked out a custom plan based on his needs and his budget. Like I’ve mentioned in my blog about the cost of websites, I have my prices listed prominently on my site because I want to be transparent when it comes to money, but I am also happy to create a custom quote when the need arises.

Like Lynda, Dan is another friend of mine who lives in Montana and enjoys being out in nature, so I used that as inspiration while I searched for stock photos. I then made my final choices based on what I felt captured the spirit of the hypnotherapy service that Dan offers.

Dan’s original site featured a bright green color, which I used as a base to create a more complex color palette using Adobe Color. This is a very useful tool that helps find complimentary shades based on colors that you’re already using.

For this project, I also created a custom logo for Dan, as he didn’t have one before. Even if you are using your own name for your business, it’s still a good idea to have a logo that represents your brand. It helps you stand out from others that offer the same service.

As someone who has worked mostly with women, it was a nice change of pace to create something with a more masculine energy! It was also a wonderful opportunity to work with someone who has an established business, versus a startup, which is what I’m used to.

One of my favorite things about this line of work is that I have a chance to work with clients in fields very different than mine, and that gives me a chance to learn a lot of new things. Hypnotherapy is a fascinating practice, and I appreciate the insight that this project gave me.

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